Help Israel - resource for supporting Israel


Since 2004 Alice has continued to provide information to churches and individuals as to how Christians can be supportive of Israel. In March 2012 she returned to Israel to search for more innovative ways to bless the people of Israel and to update her website. Due to a freak accident in Jerusalem on May 8th Alice broke her right arm. She was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center where she had surgery after which she returned to the US (for more details check out Angels in Jerusalem.)

What is "Help Israel"?

Help Israel is a project that was started by Alice Sneed for the benefit of the Jewish people. Having been to Israel every year for the past thirteen years, Alice caught a glimpse of the needs of the people both from the Jewish perspective and that of the Palestinian. As she watched the people struggle to survive during the past four years of the intifada (uprising of the Palestinians), she tried not to take sides. However, when a Palestinian friend of hers made it clear that the goal of her people was to take over all of Israel, Alice turned her heart fully to supporting the Jewish people in their homeland. Out of this was born the project "Help Israel."

How did "Help Israel" start?

Alice started the project by doing a survey in which she asked the Jewish people what Christians could do to help Israel. These are the priorities they listed:

Correct media bias

Fight anti-Semitism

Visit Israel as a tourist

Help terrorist victims

Help underprivileged children

Assist the elderly

Encourage soldiers


Help new immigrants

After completing this survey Alice returned to the US and traveled to 22 states to share the information she had gathered. During her travels she collected 1269 signatures of pastors and churches that were standing in support of Israel. Later Alice left these signatures at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office as a way of encouragement to him and the people of Israel.   For more information, read about this adventure in our newsletters.